Designer Extravaganza

7 Dec

Oh god!
I feel kinda guilty for neglecting my blog for so long. You guys are not even up to date on my latest designer purchases! And boy, are they good ones…

Try not to drool all over your keyboard, and behold: 



The most wanted sneaker for all fashion victims… The golden Isabel Marants!



My snowwhite Balenciaga Work with giant silver hardware. By far my favourite everyday-bag of the moment! I LOVE white handbags in winter!





And my incredible vintage Chanel bag. This is really a dream come true for me. I’ve always loved Chanel’s vintage styles even more than the current ones. The vintage bags have such an allure to them, there is nothing else like it! The fact that this bag has been around for years and years now, and still looks beautiful, is the meaning of true luxury for me. I absolutely love it!

Needless to say, I am totally broke and full of good resolutions for 2013, concerning my forever empty-bank account and wallet. On the other hand, 2013 is still almost one month away, so there’s no need for panic just yet… Hooray!

On my december wishlist: anything Chanel. Just so you know!


Result of a bargain hunt

25 Oct


When I went shopping in Mechelen last week, I found some lovely one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. No designer brands, nothing expensive, just fun clothing. Check it out:

How cute is this top?!

And here’s my gorgeous huge mohair coat. It’s so soft and fluffy! I know what my favourite coat will be this winter :)

Now, I love a good vintage find, but in an outfit I think vintage usually needs to be paired with some on-trend clothing to keep it looking modern. I chose a gorgeous statement necklace from Zara:

Don’t you just love it when everything you buy on one shopping spree just magically fits together?

I love it! I can’t wait to wear this when it gets a little bit colder, combined with an orange skirt, tights and my March 23 sneakers. Ofcourse, you’ll be getting a full outfit picture then!

Enjoy your day!

Labellov: Vintage lovers unite

20 Oct

Hi guys!

I’m still feeling a bit ‘blah’, but I just had to go to Labellov. This is a vintage design event created by the wonderful people of The event is all about vintage fashion and design. I went to the event’s first edition last year, when there was a lot less press and media attention involved, and already it was a lot of fun. This year was a bit bigger, and for me, a bit better as well.  I simply love being surrounded by such beautiful pieces of art. I went for a little sneak peek before the event actually started, and I brought… My mommy!

Now what happened next was quite a shock to me. When drooling over the vintage handbags, my mom was checking out a gorgeous Chanel bag.
Now, she is a woman who appreciates all art, but I never thought she would consider paying the insane pricetag Chanel is known for. But, next thing I know, she walked over to the desk, asked if she could pay by card, and bought the bag. My mom’s first designerbag! I’m so proud! I knew it had to rub off eventually, but never did I think she would go all out and buy the best of the best as a first bag.

Helloooo new family member:

My mom’s gorgeous dark brown Chanel bag

My mommy’s Chanel bag (that I will be stealing as soon as I get the chance) and me

Here are some pics of the wonderful vintage pieces:

I feel bad for poor mr. Crocodile that died in the process, but I have to admit he looks great as a bag…

All that Chanel! My personal favourite is the necklace with the purse hanger. I love it!

  America’s next top dog model was there too!


  I love this limited edition Delvaux Brilliant! I was too afraid to even ask about the pricetag, though…

Fellow fashion blogger and friend Céline and me ofcourse also went to the actual event later on.

Céline ( and me at the Labellov event


Outfit detail: I was in Chanel boots, Primark dress, Versace for H&M leather jacket and D&G oversized clutch


I hope this event will be even bigger and better next year. I can’t wait!

Oh, one more thing. Please vote for us on winning the Delvaux Madame! I don’t have a Delvaux bag yet! That is totally unacceptable, and we need to do something about it urgently. Ofcourse, me and Céline will have to share, but I can live with that. All you have to do is click the link and vote (for a minute there it looks like you will have to install an annoying app, but you don’t! When you click ‘go to app’ it’s already been done!)

Many thanks!




A frustrating week

15 Oct

Hey there readers!

I guess there’s always rain after the sunshine… I’ve had a horrible week (you know, in a first-world-problems kind of way).
First of all, the designercandy I had my eye on was a wonderful vintage Chanel bag. It was almost mine, I was ready for my trip to go get it, until I got a call that the seller sold it to someone else. Wtf?! Someone else made a higher bid than mine, and instead of contacting me that the deal was off unless I made a higher bid, she just sold it rightaway. NOT. COOL!

I was pretty bummed out, but looking back it was actually a good thing I didn’t spend my whole paycheck on a bag. Why is that?
Well, I have to spend my paycheck on a new phone instead! My beloved iPhone was stolen while I was working in the nightclub. Can you believe it? I was working hard and long hours for my money, and I walked out with less than what I came in with. I hate thieves!
Now, I am not the kind of person that gets excited by technology, but my iPhone is my baby. I use it throughout the whole day, every day, and to me it’s worth the money it costs. But spending that amount of money again, for something I already had, is awful! I mean, this is good handbag-money. It’s a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It’s a vintage Balenciaga bag. It’s almost a vintage Chanel. And now I have to spend it on a phone that I already had?! Argh!

Anyway, after finding out my phone was stolen, my night was totally ruined. I still had some hours of work to do, so by the time I could finally go home (at about 7 in the morning) I wanted to do nothing but sleep. This was, apparantly, too much to ask, since I was woken up by a phonecall about 20 minutes later. Not just a phonecall, ofcourse… No, this was a call to let me know my car was being towed. Oh my god! Putting pants and boots on was never as fast as then. Luckily, I was just in time to prevent my precious Beetle from being towed. But there I was, half dressed, half in pyama, in the rain, after about 15 minutes of sleep. Great.

Ofcourse, standing in the rain in your pyama’s isn’t the best thing to do for your health when you’ve only slept about 15 minutes after a long working night. Guess who has the worst cold ever?!

Ugh. After this weekend I am ill, poor and not feeling very fabulous. Who wants to buy me an iPhone to cheer me up? Anyone?

A fashionable week

5 Oct

Hi there!

I’ve had some busy days during the last few weeks, I feel like I’ve hardly been home at all! Luckily my occupations were of the good kind: fashion, food and friends!

Last Friday there was the very first edition of Antwerp Fashion Night. The afterparty was in the club I work in, so I had to work myself and didn’t get to experience the whole thing. However, I did go to the bloggers closet sale (honestly, not that impressive. I was hoping for unique vintage pieces, not second hand H&M!) and I ofcourse went to go see the Tutu Chic parade. The new collection is gorgeous!

Here are some pics:

   Tutu Chic fashion parade at AFN

   A friend and me at the official AFN afterparty

I’m in Vandenvos polkadot dress and Forever 21 pink sequined blazer. I wish I could have gone more ‘all out’ that night (fashionwise, that is), but I had to work and be comfortable the whole night…

  Me at AFN

Here I was wearing my Céline luggage tote, vintage cowboy boots, Zara statement necklace, Picture Perfect jacket and last but not least… My latest DIY project! These jeans were plain white until I sprayed them with car paint. Hello bikerwash jeans!

At the AFN afterparty, I won a great prize: the March 23 sneaker wedges! This is the perfect prize for me, since I’ve been wondering if I need sneaker wedges for ages. I love the Isabel Marants, but they are really expensive considering I’m not really a sneaker kind of girl and I don’t know if I would actually wear them often. The March 23′s are the next best thing if you ask me, and I got them for free! Halleluja!

March 23 sneaker wedges

Here’s a fun pic of my new shoes, matching Forever 21 robot necklace and DIY bikerwash pants:

DIY bikerwash jeans (plain white jeans by Men At Work), March 23 wedge sneakers and Forever 21 robot necklace

Then on Sunday I went to the Lady Gaga concert. It was great, as expected, and I was happy to finally be able to dress a little bit over the top (although, when you’re in thesame building as Gaga, ‘over the top’ doesn’t really exist, right?). Here’s my ‘just a little bit Gaga’-outfit.

At the Lady Gaga concert, wearing New Look dress, Vila sequin top, H&M bow belt, H&M bow purse and Asos shoes

On Tuesday I had my weekly sushi date in Zao Wang, Antwerp’s finest sushi restaurant. It was unbelievabely good as usual!

   Seriously, how fantastic does this look?!

I was going for a laid-back rock chick look with my Prada ombre bag, bordeaux leatherlook leggings and motoboots

And then yesterday, me and every other fashion addict in Antwerp went to H&M for the Anna Dello Russo collection. I love it! I wish I could just buy the whole lot, but I narrowed my wishes down to one bracelet: the green snake.
What can I say, you can take the girl out of the jungle, but never the jungle out of the girl! I have always loved animal references in clothing and accessories. Leopard print, snakes, tigers, I love ‘em all!

Anna Dello Russo for H&M snake bracelet

Now, this week ain’t over yet! I might just have my eye on some new designer candy… Stay tuned!


My little DIY-projects

23 Sep


Who doesn’t love a pimped out, unique piece of clothing? In my opinion, nothing beats the clothing you have adjusted to your own style, that’s unique and only for you!

That’s why I wanted to do my own studded army vest. I actually really like the ones that are now in stores, for example Zara has great embellished shirts. But I don’t like how I’ve seen them a million times before. I’ve seen so many people with the one from Zara, in Antwerp, on blogs, instagram, … that I kinda got sick of it already. So I bought a men’s army shirt (from Jack & Jones), some good old golden studs (on eBay) and got going myself!

Here’s the result. What do you think?

I really like it how it came out!
I have to admit, it does look kinda messy from up close, but from a normal distance it looks great. I’m just not the perfectionist to spend hours and hours on these kind of things!
Apparently, initials on clothing are very fashionable this season. I didn’t know this until yesterday, I only wanted to make sure everyone knew I did it myself! Now everybody knows this and I’m totally in style. Jeesh, I’m so fashion!

My other project this week were some blinged-out ankle boots. Now, try not to fall asleep while I tell you this, but these were actually just plain and simple black ankle boots. Yawn!
Luckily, I have now made them a little bit more exciting with some added glitter. All I used was loose glitter and cheap hairspray. Spray, glitter, spray, glitter, spray, glitter… And tadaaa!

I personally think they turned out pretty cool. I would wear these with a straight or bootcut jeans, so that only the tip is visible.
My next project: bikerwash jeans! Find me on instagram (thefabmissK) and twitter (@thefabmissK) and ofcourse on this blog to see my little DIY-projects in action!

A woman in boots

16 Sep


I can’t wait to show you guys my latest shopping finds! You know how I have my handbag-days and my shoe-days, right?! Well, I’ve been having a shoe week!

It all started with a friend of mine who wanted to go handbagshopping. This is ALWAYS a bad idea, since everytime this happens I end up buying way more than the person who asked me to come. But ofcourse I had to come along, I’m a sucker for some shopping!
My friend bought a gorgeous emerald green bag in Rabeanco, a store in Antwerp that sells great quality bags for high but reasonable prices.
Along the way, we had to check out Ann-vers, where the nicest vintage bags in Antwerp are being sold for great prices. There was nothing my friend loved more than the green bag, but as usual, I fell in love!
Normally it’s a bag that keeps me from my sleep, but this time, I saw the most cool and classy Chanel boots I just had to have. They are black with a steel tip, and leather outside and inside all the way up to the knee. They were exactly my size, even the calf fits my leg perfectly! What are the odds?!


Chanel boots

Halleluja! I LOVE them!
I spent a few days wondering if I should buy them, since they are the most expensive shoes I have EVER bought (they were 400 euros, which is actually a great price for these boots, but still!), and I am not the girl who can walk in heels the whole day. But I decided they were worth it, and the heel is actually quite a comfortable height. Now all I have to do is find the occasions to wear them! So, anybody want to invite me to a runway show? This would be the time, thanks!

Now, also at Ann-vers, there were the most adorable Mukluks. I’ve always liked Mukluks, but I didn’t know if they would suit me. Guess what, they do! Since I was spending about half of my paycheck anyway, I decided an extra pair wasn’t going to make the difference. Helloooo Mukluks!
These were actually new with the tags still on. At 90 euros instead of 450, these were a steal! I hope the white fur will keep clean in the fantastic Belgian weather…
How cute are these?!

Then, to end my shoe-week, I found what I have been looking for for ages. Red cowboy boots! Oh my god! I have been looking for the perfect red cowboy boots for about as long as I can remember. It’s really hard to find a perfect pair, in my opinion. They are usually too pointy, not pointy enough, to manly, to feminine, too long, too short, too expensive…
But then there they were, at a jumble sale, exactly my size (again! I was so lucky this week!). They are still in great condition, and I bought them for the ridiculous price of 5 euros. Yes, five. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It seems like they were worth the wait! Check it out:

I still can’t believe I finally found the perfect pair for this price. I guess that sort of compromises what I paid for the Chanel boots (my mom does not agree, but hey…)

I love the detailing on all three pairs of my boots. Nothing beats craftmanship, high quality materials, excellent design and handmade detailing.

So, needless to say, I am quite a happy camper after my purchases this week.
Broke but fabulous, what else is new?!


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